Did Scarlett Johansson get her Nose Job?

Johansson Nose Job
Johansson nose job

Some people have said that over the years, star’s nose seems to have changed. Pictures of The Avengers’ actress seem to show a more refined nose tip with a thinner bridge. Some people say she may have had her nose reshaped through rhinoplasty, but other people say it’s just because of lucky camera angles.

It might be easy to argue that Scarlett didn’t have rhinoplasty surgery if you take into account the fact that in a way, she just “grew into her nose.” That’s because the basic shape and contour of it didn’t change that much. She still has the same nose. However, there are some obvious differences.

The biggest difference is in the bridge; her old one was thick and led all the way up to her brow. To many people, this made her nose look large on her small face. The new bridge is thin and improves how it looks with other features like Scarlett’s lips and eyes.

Johansson Nose Job Before And After

The tip of Scarlett’s nose used to give off an unfortunate “piggy” appearance when combined with a thick bridge. There was very little work done on the tip itself, but slight changes were made to refine its shape which makes it look softer too. It’s still the same nose but with more delicate details.

Does Scarlett Johansson have the perfect nose?

Scientists have found the ideal female nose to be turned up at 106 degrees. It’s the nose that Scarlett Johansson has, and it happens to be ranked the sexiest woman alive. Unfortunately, it now seems that one reason may be that she apparently has the perfect nose.

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